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My In-Flight Beauty Kit For Great Skin on Holiday

This post contains gifted items which have been marked with *.

I’m back! It’s been a couple of weeks since my last post because I got MARRIED 😊 We had the best day surrounded by our loving family and friends and then spent a week in Mexico to unwind. It was pure bliss. Now it’s back to a normal routine and I’m more motivated than ever before with my blog. For my first post back I thought it would be fitting to do a guide on what beauty products to take on a long haul flight. I researched what I’d need before I went away and managed to put together a good mixture of things, so without further ado …

Anti-bacterial Hand Sanitiser – Soap & Glory Hand Maid

This is a necessity. I always take one of these on the plane and it’s my fist step when I start my pamper routine. Planes can be pretty grubby and after looking through the magazines and picking your film on the in flight entertainment system you’re not going to want to touch your face before cleaning your hands! This always comes in handy when you’re actually on holiday too, as I carry it with me for dinner and if we go anywhere public too.

Cleanse – Face Halo

Now this isn’t a liquid, but I just had to mention it. I picked this up as I thought it would be perfect to remove my make up before applying all my beauty treatments, without having to use the bathroom to wash a cleanser off. And I was so right! This is amazing for on the go. All you need to do is put a bit of water on the pad and then wipe your face with it. It pulled all of my make up off with a couple of swipes and left my skin nice and clean. I then washed it with soap at the hotel and it’s good as new. I’ll be taking this with me every time I travel now as it’s so convenient.

Face Mask – Antipodes Aura Manuka Honey Mask *

My next step is to use a hydrating face mask. The Manuka Honey one from Antipodes is one of my favourites and always leaves my skin feeling soft and nourished. A lot of people swear by a sheet mask here, but I haven’t tried one before (I’m soon to fix that though 😉 ) so thought I’d stick with what I know.

Facial Oil – Antipodes Divine Face Oil *

I got this cute little sample size in a set from Love Lula and it’s perfect for travelling. There’s more than enough in there for your whole holiday and it’s lighter than taking a big bottle. I apply this oil over the top of my mask, after waiting around 15 minutes for the mask to sink in. It gives my skin a double hit of hydration by applying over the top of the mask.

Moisturiser – REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

The last step is moisturiser, to lock everything in place. A good layer of this adds that last bit of nourishment and hydration to dry, fresh air deprived skin! This is another travel sized product and I picked this up in a REN set. I took the cleanser out of the set in my big toiletry bag and it lasted me exactly a week, which was perfect!

Travel Beauty 2 M

All Purpose Balm – Lanolips The Original 101 Ointment

I actually didn’t use this this time around, but it’s always good to have one to hand. All purpose balms are great for everything from cuts to bites and chapped skin. I always take one with me on holiday just in case.

Hand Cream – Lanolips Coconutter Hand Cream

Once my face was done I then took care of my hands. This Lanolips Coconut Hand Cream smells divine and sinks in super quickly, meaning I could go straight back to reading my book afterwards. This is kind of like a thick cream/balm hybrid and it’s probably the most moisturising hand cream I’ve ever used! It’s my new favourite and I really want to pick up the matching Body Cream next.

Lip Balm – Lanolips Tinted Balm in Rose

Another Lanolips product but I couldn’t resist. I’ve been really impressed with their products and this tinted lip balm is great. I used this several times throughout the flight and also made sure to apply some before I got off the plane to make me look a little more human!

Blusher – Dr PawPaw Tinted Peach Pink Balm

I didn’t reapply a base product before getting off the plane but I do like to add a bit of colour to my cheeks – it makes me look more alive! This is actually an additional product that I bought on the plane flying out and as soon as I used it I fell in love. Therefore it ended up coming back in flight with me on the return journey too!

Mascara – Soap & Glory Thick & Fast Mascara

I didn’t remove my eye make up on the plane, so I just added another quick slick of mascara to freshen up my eyes and voila! I was ready to disembark.

Another couple of things I always travel with is make up wipes and a mirror, but I just throw these in my hand luggage. This list are things that I think are a necessity on a long haul flight to keep your skin in tip top condition, but you can always cater this to your own needs and use your own products in place of mine. My skin was fine when I was on holiday and hardly broke out at all and I put it down to my little plane pamper. Hope this list helps you put together your own in flight beauty kit.

Kayleigh x

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