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An Introduction to Tarot and A New Year Tarot Spread

In my last post I promised more witchcraft posts, so today I thought I’d start with tarot cards. The tarot is one of my favourite parts of witchcraft personally and it’s something that I feel can fit into everyday life pretty easily if you’re new to the craft. Spells and rituals are great, but can be pretty overwhelming, so I find starting with some kind of daily divination (in my case Tarot Cards) is a good, easy way to start.

Here’s a tiny bit of history to get you started. The first sets of tarot cards were recorded between 1440 and 1450 in Italy, where picture cards were added to the traditional deck of cards. Since then there has been lots of versions of tarot decks. The one most famous today and considered the original deck as we know it is the Rider-Waite tarot deck which was published in 1910. This is the deck that most of today’s decks are based on.

I don’t actually own a Rider-Waite tarot deck myself, so you don’t need to start with this one. It is meant to be a good one for beginners, but as long as you pick a deck that follows the same basic cards and suits then you’ll be fine. My first deck was The Witches’ Tarot and that one worked great.

New Year Spread

I found this New Year Spread last year on Instagram and thought I’d give it a go to see what this year holds for me. For this you will need to pick a deck to use and pull 3 cards. I recently picked up a new deck called The Steampunk Tarot and wanted to try it out, so I used this one for my reading.

To start I always shuffle the cards. When I say this I mean that I shuffle with intention. Just shuffling them won’t really do much – you need to be thinking about what you want to ask them. I keep shuffling until I feel that it’s the right time to stop – it could be a minute or it could be 10, just keep going until it feels right to stop. Then I put the pack face down and pick the cards for my reading from the top. Some people like to fan out their cards and pick the ones that call to them that way. You do you! Tarot reading is very personal, so have a play around with it and see what works best for you.

The three cards you’re going to pull will represent the below questions.

  1. What do I need to know about 2019?
  2. What is 2019’s departing message?
  3. What do I need to take into 2020?

Once you have your cards picked out then you can check your book (that should come with your cards) and see what they mean. Sometimes I find interpreting them can require a bit of exploration into your life, situations and/or feelings, but just remember to be honest with yourself.

New Year Tarot Spread

As an example for you I’ve put my results and interpretations below.

  1. The Moon
  2. 9 of Swords
  3. 4 of Wands

The Moon – ‘A situation of flux and uncertainty, fraught with either deception or the revealing of truths.’ We had a big fall out with some family last year over a truth being revealed, so this card is pretty accurate.

9 of Swords – ‘The power of worry and regret.’ I did a lot of worrying last year. Over the wedding and organising and a bunch of other things and next year I want to try and stop that as much.

4 of Wands – ‘Celebrating the culmination of events or the achieving of a goal.’ I have a lot of goals that I want to hit this year, so I’m hoping this means that I’ll achieve some of them. This card is also associated with marriage so hopefully our first full year as a married couple will be great!

There’s so much more that I could write about in this post, but I didn’t want it to be too long. If there is anything that you would like me to elaborate on or any questions that you want to ask leave a comment down below and I’ll get back to you. Also let me know what other posts about tarot cards you would like to see from me.

10 thoughts on “An Introduction to Tarot and A New Year Tarot Spread”

  1. I absolutely love Tarot cards & you have such a beautiful deck! I agree, Tarot is definitely something which you can incorportate into everyday life – I’m looking forward to reading more of your witchy posts β™‘

    Pixee xo | Thats What Pea Said


    1. Thank you – I do love this deck! Yes, I love how it only takes a couple of minutes to do if you want to make it a quick read. Thanks for reading πŸ™‚ x


  2. That Steampunk deck is gorgeous. I am very interested in Tarot myself and have gotten a few books to read more about it before really delving into it. I love witchcraft as well. Thanks for sharing.


    1. Glad you enjoyed the post! You should definitely try tarot – it’s so much fun.


  3. I love tarot cards, I remember I had a lovely set but no clue how to use them, I would love to get back into it. I really like how you have explained what you have done and even pointers on card decks for beginners, I think I’ll be adding Tarot cards to my “to buy” list. I would love to know your story on how you got started with Tarot cards and how helpful you find them.

    Jordanne ||


    1. Thank you for reading. I’m so glad you found this post helpful Jordanne. You should definitely look at picking up a deck! Thank you for the suggestions, I can definitely do posts on those πŸ™‚ x


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