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Brand Discovery – Glossier

I’m back with another Brand Discovery today. I’ve been asked a lot of questions about my Glossier products over on Instagram (you can find me here) and I’ve been asked to do a full post too, so here it is. It’s a long one, but you asked for it, so grab a drink, get comfy and dive in!

I’d been lusting after Glossier products for ages before I finally managed to make an order. I was actually on my honeymoon in Mexico when I read an article in Vogue about Emily Weiss and how she created the global beauty brand. I was so inspired that I decided I just had to try some of the products and ordered some as soon as I got home!

I wanted to try everything really, but funds wouldn’t allow of course, so I settled for a selection of skincare and make up. I put a call out on Instagram for everyone’s favourite products and took that into consideration too. I was really happy with the products I picked up and they gave me a nice all round view of the brand. I also managed to save some money by buying bits as sets too – I love that they do this as it’s a great way to save some money and be able to try a few products in one go. Also a great marketing idea as people will spend more money with them that way too!

Glossier Skincare


The first thing I picked skincare wise was The Super Duo, which includes Super Bounce and Super Glow. These two products are absolutely amazing! I’ve been using them everyday for a few months now and I love the effect they have on my skin. I use Super Bounce morning and night and Super Glow at night.

My skin needs the extra moisture at this time of year so using the Super Bounce twice a day has really helped to hydrate my skin. It includes hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5 to keep skin soft, supple and smooth. My skin has definitely become smoother and more hydrated since using this and I haven’t struggled with dry patches yet this winter. I always like to lock this in with a good moisturiser too.

Super Glow I use at night so that it can work to brighten my skin while I sleep. I wake up to the most radiant skin the next morning. It has vitamin C and magnesium in it to even skin tone and brighten. This is a miracle worker. My skin has such an amazing glow to it since I’ve been using this and I like to pair it with my Pixi Glow Tonic for a super radiant complexion.

I’m also going to throw Balm Dotcom in with skincare too, even though I picked up the Cherry version. This is the same as a traditional balm that you can use anywhere to soothe dry and irritated skin. However, I find that it’s a pretty perfect version of a balm to be honest. It’s just the right consistency, so it’s not too thick that you can’t spread it and it’s not too thin that it runs everywhere. It soothes dry lips in seconds and with continued use my lips have been the softest they’ve ever been! The only downside to this was that I expected the colour pay off to be a bit better. It does give a red tint, but a very faint one and I would of liked it to be a bit deeper myself.

Glossier Makeup & Skincare

Make Up

I chose a few bits of make up, as this is what people recommended to me the most. I started with The Make Up Set, which includes Boy Brow, Cloud Paint and Lash Slick. Originally I was only going to pick up 2 bits of make up but then I saw this set and thought sod it!

I got Boy Brow in Brown and it’s a pretty perfect match. I don’t usually use a coloured brow gel, so this is a nice change. I was a bit worried that it might give off too much product and leave me with dark, sticky brows but it doesn’t do that at all. It leaves a good amount of product on my brows and makes them look thicker without being caked in product. I find this great for everyday wear, as it’s a quick way to tame my brows and add a bit of definition all in one go. When I’m going out at night I fill them in with pencil and then use this over the top for a bit of extra oomph.

Cloud Paint is something I knew I wanted to get straight away. I love a good blusher and have been leaning more towards balms and liquids lately. I chose Dusk as from the photos it looked a little more on the pink side, but it’s actually quite brown with more orange undertones. I still like the colour and use it pretty regularly but I can easily overdo this, as I’m quite pale. The formula is amazing though. You don’t need a lot of product at all – a small dab will cover each cheek. It does dry down after application, but takes a good minute or so, which gives you just enough time to work it in and add some more if needed before it sets. I find that these easily last all day on me on top of foundation. I’ve been pretty surprised to walk in from aerial class (that I go to straight after work) and my blush still be there!

Lash Slick was something that I wasn’t originally going to bother with as I don’t like to spend a lot on mascaras, but as it was part of The Make Up Set then I gave it a go. I was impressed with this to begin with. It makes my lashes longer and thicker (which is what I aim for with mascaras) and doesn’t clump. It doesn’t smudge or flake and holds a curl pretty well too. The only downside to this is that I found it dried out pretty quickly. It only lasted me around 4-5 weeks and then dried out, which I think is a little too soon for a mascara personally. I probably wouldn’t buy this again purely for that reason to be honest, but it does make your lashes look incredible.

Haloscope in Quartz was the last thing that I chose as I love a good highlighter. I find they can really finish off the face and I always make sure I use one when I’m doing a full face of makeup and want to look my best. Haloscope is a great option for a quick but striking highlight. It’s so easy to apply – a quick swipe over the high points of the face and then just blend in with your fingers. Super simple. It glides across the skin quite well, but if you have heavy foundation on then I’d recommend to apply with your fingers instead of swiping the product on your skin, as it might move your foundation around a little. It creates a lovely lit from within glow that doesn’t leave you looking as though you’ve fallen in a pot of glitter! The perfect highlight.

Glossier Swatches
Left to Right – Cloud Paint in Dusk, Haloscope in Quartz & Balm Dotcom in Cherry

Since buying these I’ve also placed another order. I’m out of control – help me! I couldn’t resist getting a couple more bits, so I ordered Cloud Paint in Puff, Stretch Concealer in G10 and Balm Dotcom in Rose. These are also favourites now and I’ve used them all everyday since picking them up. I’m just a little obsessed with Glossier right now and I’ll be picking up some more products in the near future too.

Glossier is now my new favourite brand! I love all of their products and I still can’t wait to try more. If I’ve convinced you to pick some bits up then I have a referral link with 10% off for you here: This post isn’t sponsored (I wish, haha!) and I’ve brought all these products myself. This link is the link you get when you create an account with them and it will get you 10% off and get me store credit for them too. Everyone wins πŸ™‚ !

If you do pick anything up then let me know what you pick! Have you tried anything from Glossier before?

11 thoughts on “Brand Discovery – Glossier”

  1. Great post! I tried glossier for the first time back in summer 2019 (skin tint, bounce concealer, super glow, and lash slick). I was curious about the highlighter and cloud paint and will definitely try them after reading this post! The only one I don’t think I’ll repurchase is the lash slick!


    1. I was the same. I feel like the Lash Slick is okay, but not good enough for me to repurchase at the price. All the others are great though. Let me know how you get on with the Cloud Paint and Haloscope if you get them πŸ™‚ x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Great article, wish we had Glossier here, I’d love to try it! BTW Your photos are gorgeous ❀


  3. I’ve heard so much about the brand but I haven’t got around to trying anything by them yet, I’ve always been put off buying anything incase the brand has been over hyped. Thanks for sharing x


  4. I’ve still never tried Glossier, but I’ve heard so many good things about it! The Super Glow defo sounds like something I could do with trying – I always feel like my skin needs brightening up recently, but nothing I try seems to be working that well so I’ll be looking into this! Great post! x


    1. The Super Glow is amazing for me! It’s definitely worth a go and see if it works for you too – I’m sure it will πŸ™‚ x

      Liked by 1 person

  5. So glad you’re enjoying everything you picked up! Super Bounce has been a lifesaver for me too this winter, I love that it’s hydrating but not too rich xx


  6. cool post! I just started using glossier products and I’m impressed with them! definitely something I’d repurchase. I have a review on my blog πŸ™‚


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