Is Claire’s Just For Kids?

I must admit that I thought the answer to this question was yes for years, but I have been proven wrong!

A few weeks ago I bought some scrunchies from Etsy and my friend messaged me and said ‘you do know I get 50% off at Claire’s right?!’. I did not know this at the time, so I said ‘Brilliant, let’s go shopping then!’. My friend works in their head office you see, so I thought may as well go and have a look. I wasn’t holding out much hope as I thought it was all for teenage girls, but it definitely is not!

So we arranged a date and ventured into Coventry town. We’re quite lucky as we have 2 Claire’s shops in town, so if one shop doesn’t have what you’re looking for then the other one probably will. Now, don’t get me wrong there are a lot of things that are aimed at younger girls, but if you like cute things or want to pick up some stationery, hair accessories, or even some cheap jewellery then you’d do well to look in here. They have such a variety of things that you just can’t take it all in!

I’d looked on the website before I went, so had a little list of what I was looking for already. I got most the things on my list and then added in a couple of things I saw while in there too and just couldn’t resist.

I mainly went in for the Pusheen bits, so I’ll start with them. I love that little fat cat and anything that has her on is something I want! The first thing I got was the Wild Side 10 Colour Pen. It’s a colour changing one and I thought it would be perfect to use with my new notebook. With this I only have to carry one pen around with me instead of taking coloured pens/pencils everywhere. I’m trying to keep up with my journal this year, so this makes it much easier for me.

The next thing I picked up was the Pusheen Wild Side Eye Mask. Our bedroom only has white blinds up and it gets super bright in the mornings, so I need a sleep mask if I’m going to sleep past 9 o’clock ( or 7 in the summer!). Show me one that has Pusheen on it and I’m sold! I also originally wanted to get one of the Pusheen Winter Surprise Plush but they didn’t have those in store so instead I went for the Dinosheen Surprise Plush (which I can’t find online at Claire’s right now I’m afraid). It’s a lucky dip, so I didn’t know what one I would get but I was really pleased that I got the orange one. She’s super cute and she’s now on my car keys.

Another thing that went straight on my car keys is the Pucker Pop. These come in so many different variations I had trouble choosing, but finally settled on the little fox. The lip balm isn’t too bad but I really just picked it up to use as a keyring. It’s made my keys look much more fun!

Then while I was in there I saw some Harry Potter stuff! I couldn’t resist picking up this scrunchie with little Golden Snitch’s on. And the other Harry Potter thing I picked up was a Harry Potter Bag Clip (once again I can’t find these on Claire’s website at the moment). Once again this was a lucky dip and I got Professor McGonagall. I’ve actually taken her in to work and she sits on my desk next to my Harry Potter calendar my mum got me for Christmas 😊.

After all this I thought I was done and then as I got to the counter to pay I saw the cute little Christmas TY keyring, so threw one of those in too! I haven’t decided what to do with this little guy yet, but I’ll find somewhere for him.

Along with cute things they have phones cases, jewellery and even bags. They had the cutest Pusheen backback, but I couldn’t justify buying it unfortunately! There were so many other things that I wanted to get too, but I had to narrow it down.

So next time you’re passing I’d highly recommend looking in there, if you’re into these sorts of things. I know I’ll be visiting much more often now!

13 thoughts on “Is Claire’s Just For Kids?”

  1. I love popping into Claire’s whenever I’m in town! They seem to have a lot of great deals at the moment too which is cool. That Harry Potter scrunchie is so pretty ♡


  2. I haven’t popped into Claire’s in years! I’m definitely going to go and have a look, mainly for my daughters as I’ve seen they’ve got loads of frozen 2 stuff 🙂 see if I can get myself some bits too!


    1. Yes, there was lots of Frozen stuff in there! I bet you’ll find something they and you love 🙂 x


  3. Claires is my go-to place for earrings! Because I don’t have pierced ears and rely on clip-ons it can be challenging to find a good selection but Claires always has quite a few options!


    1. Oh yes. What a good idea! I bet they have lots of nice clip on earrings 🙂 x


  4. I love this!

    When my sister and I would go to the mall, Claire’s was usually the first store we’d go into, and it didn’t matter how old we were because we saw both of our styles represented very well. I personally loved their necklaces and bracelets the most! 🙂


  5. I’m not going to lie, I hate going in Claires as its often full of very loud 7 year olds but I LOVE a lot of what they sell! They do the cutest hair accessories and earrings and I don’t think you’re ever too old to wear something you feel confident in. Pusheen is the absolute cutest and I always take advantage when they have Hello Kitty stuff in!
    Alice Xx


  6. I’ve always thought Claire’s was for kids too, but next time I pass one I should stop in b/c you got such cute things! I love Pusheen!


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