Kure Bazaar Nails with Love Lula / AD

This post contains gifted items from Love Lula which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Over the last 6 months I’ve been getting into having acrylic nails a lot more. But I don’t like to have them continuously if I can help it – I like to give my nails a little rest in between so they can replenish and let the air at them. I still like to have nice looking nails in those in between times though and last year I found Kure Bazaar. I picked up a set of their nail polishes and was pretty impressed, so this month I picked up another couple as part of my Love Lula blogger picks.

I fancied something a little different and wanted something that would be nice for winter too, so I chose Kure Bazaar So Vintage * and Kure Bazaar Confetti Glitter * I love a pink mauve shade (in fact it’s probably one of my favourite colours) so I was pretty sure that I would love this before it arrived. Then I wanted to do an accent nail too, so I chose the glitter one to use on my third nail. I also had some blogger picks left, so I settled on the Kure Bazaar A La Rose Lip and Nail Balm *.

Kure Bazaar

The So Vintage colour is the perfect deep pink shade and I can’t get enough of it. I’ve already worn it twice and it complements my finger tattoos really nicely, even if I do say so myself! I’ve been putting the Glitter one over the top of the pink on my third finger nail and I love the look it creates. The only thing about these polishes is that I find they don’t last that long on me, even with a top coat. They tend to chip after a couple of days and are certainly not the most long lasting ones I own. But I do still love the colours they do, so I’m still happy to get them.

The Lip and Nail balm is lovely! I was a little disappointed when I opened it and there were no petals in it (haha!) but the product itself makes up for it!! I’ve used this as both a lip balm and nail balm and I must admit that I find it better on the nails. On my lips I found it a little bit drying and by the end of the day my lips were pretty dehydrated, unfortunately. I did use this for a few days and had the same thing happen each day so I’m pretty sure it’s not just a one off thing.

Kure Bazaar Swatch

However, I used this on my nails and cuticles and it’s so good! The thing I like the most about it is that it’s not greasy (which might have been part of the problem on my lips) and it sinks in really quickly. I hate my hands/nails being sticky after applying products so I always lean towards things that will sink in quickly. This does exactly that and it leaves my nails with a nice sheen to them. After a weeks use I noticed that my nails were much stronger and weren’t breaking as much, so this has become a necessity for me now and I’m still using it everyday.

I love my blogger picks this month and I do love the choice that Kure Bazaar have. They’re nail care products seem to be some of the best, from what I’ve heard and I’ve been super impressed with the balm myself. Next on my list is the Cuticle Oil.

4 thoughts on “Kure Bazaar Nails with Love Lula / AD”

    1. It’s the perfect mauve colour isn’t it?! I love it for this time of year too!


  1. I have never come across this brand of nail polish before but those colours are beautiful! What a shame the lip balm was dehydrating at least you are still able to use it on your nails.


    1. Yes, it’s great for nails and I’ve been using it lots for them. The nail colour is quite gorgeous though! x

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