2 Basic Tarot Spreads for Beginners / AD

This post contains gifted items which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for inclusion in this post along with the inclusion of a link to Eva Tarot, but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Carrying on from my last post about tarot cards, which you can check out here, I thought I’d share 2 basic tarot card spreads that are perfect for starting out. Spreads can be a minefield and can be really complicated, so I’ve picked out 2 simple ones for you to start with. I’ve been using the Rider Waite Tarot Deck * over the past couple of weeks to do these spreads myself and it’s been a great way to connect to my new deck.

3 card spread – Past, Present & Future

This is the most basic of spreads and if you only wanted to learn one spread, then this is the one I would recommend. It can be used for so many situations and you can do this for yourself or someone else. I like to use it as a general spread for when I just want to check in on myself and see if there’s something I need to pay attention to. Pick three cards from the deck and lay them out from left to right in front of you.

Left = Past – This will give you the background of the situation/question. You may think that you/the querent already know what’s happened in the past, but this card will help you to focus on the important parts of the past that you must take into account. Sometimes it might be something that seemed insignificant at the time and the card helps you to remember that.
Middle = Present – This is what is happening now. This card may relate to how others see the situation, show an obstacle of some sort or bring to light something that is hidden. It might even be as obvious as telling you what you’re doing now.
Right = Future – This is what the outcome of the situation/question could be. It’s very important to remember that this is just one outcome and if the answer isn’t what you wanted then you can use this as a sign to change your current course of action.

3 card spread – Situation, Action & Outcome

This is a great spread for revealing answers. If you’re unsure of a course of action to take, or you’re looking for clarification on something then this is your spread. As above take three cards from the deck and lay them out from left to right in front of you.

Left = Situation – This card represents your question. Pretty straight forward. Although remember to look deep into the question/situation as the card doesn’t always show what you think is happening, but will show you what you need to know.
Middle = Action – This is the course of action that you should take. If you’re torn between a few paths then this will hopefully make your choice clear.
Right = Outcome – This is what could happen if you take the recommended action. Once again if this outcome isn’t what you expected/wanted then you can use this to change the action that you take.

The Rider Waite Tarot Deck is the ultimate beginners deck and it’s brilliant that I’ve been able to add one to my collection. The card stock is thick and sturdy and they are easy to shuffle, as they don’t have a tendency to stick together. The instruction packet that comes with it is easy to read and understand and a great companion for the cards.

If you don’t have a set of tarot cards yourself and you still want to try tarot, then there is a great online site called Eva Tarot (https://www.evatarot.net/), where you can get a tarot reading for free. A great place to start if you don’t want to invest in your own tarot deck just yet. You can dip your toe in on the website and see how you get on for free, before delving in to getting your own deck. It’s a great way to start out! I did a reading on it the other day and was pretty surprised at how accurate it actually is, so I’d definitely recommend giving it a go.

Let me know if you try any of these spreads yourself and how you get on with them.

2 thoughts on “2 Basic Tarot Spreads for Beginners / AD”

  1. This is so interesting! I would love to have my Tarot Cards Read but these tips are so helpful I might need to try and give it a go myself!


    1. You should! They’re so fascinating. Try the website I linked first as that is a great starting point 🙂


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