How To Prepare for a Tarot Reading

I thought I would put some tips together on how I prepare for a tarot reading. I find that there are certain things that I can do to help me get a more accurate reading and I’ve put them below for you.

Be Calm

It doesn’t help to be in any extreme mood while you’re doing a reading. Consulting the cards whilst you are extremely angry, sad or even super happy will have an effect on your reading. When you’re feeling really emotional then they can get in the way of your interpretations, for example, if you’re felling really sad then you will only see the bad things the cards are trying to tell you.

I would recommend only doing a reading when you’re calm and your emotions are in check and then you will get a more true result.

Use Crystals or Herbs to Cleanse the Space and/or your Deck

A lot of people recommend using sage to cleanse your space of any negative energy before you do a reading, but I’ve never done this myself. I’ve actually never used sage before at all, as I don’t want to risk buying it from a person who doesn’t get it sustainably. But anyway, if you do have it then you can use it now.

Otherwise you can use crystals to cleanse your deck. I find that this is more than enough personally. I put a clear quartz on my deck for an hour or so before using it, to get rid of any energies I may have projected at my last reading. I don’t do this every time I do a reading, especially if I’m doing them everyday, but if I have a big reading I want to do then I’ll always do this.

Find A Quiet Space

Finding somewhere quiet away from distractions is essential. It can be anywhere; in your garden, in your bedroom, at your altar, wherever you feel comfortable. As long as it’s quiet and free from distraction. Quiet is definitely needed when doing a reading, as you need to concentrate. It’s not just about shuffling cards, you need to shuffle with intention and channel your thoughts/questions into the cards and this is really hard to do with background noises – trust me, I know!

Open Your Mind

Try and remember that the cards sometimes give you obscure messages! When you do a reading some might be perfectly clear and others might seem to be nonsense. But have faith and trust that in time all will come to light and it will make sense. Sometimes it’s a message that you’ll need in the future and then you’ll be able to use the advice. I always like to write readings like that down so that I can refer back to them later.

I hope these tips help you to perform a successful reading with your cards. It’s mainly about having a safe, quiet space where you can concentrate and focus. If you have any questions about any of these then please let me know. Good luck with your readings!

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