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The All New Reef-Safe Sun Protection Range from Tropic Skincare / AD

This post contains gifted items from Tropic Skincare which have been marked with *. The company had provided them for a virtual launch but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

A couple of weeks ago I got to attend the Tropic Skincare Virtual Sun Care Launch. Due to the lockdown in the UK Tropic Skincare decided to launch their new products online over a Zoom meeting. Personally I think this was a fabulous idea, as I don’t get to attend many launches because they’re usually in London in the week when I’m at work. A few days before the launch a huge box arrived from Tropic Skincare and we were told not to open it until the launch, which was really hard because it was huge and I was so excited! I did resist though and on the day I sat down with my box and patiently waited for the meeting.

At 3pm Susie came online and welcomed us all to the launch. She then talked us through the inspiration behind the new sun protection range and took us through the importance of sun care. We learned all about UVA and UVB rays, SPF and the difference between mineral and chemical sunscreens. Towards the end of the session it was time to open our packages and see what we’d been sent. They were really generous and sent each of us a collection of sun care products to try! It came in a gorgeous toiletry bag, which would of been perfect for my holiday (if it wasn’t cancelled!) and also came with some tea blends and brownies – which were eaten on the day! It was a really interesting session and I learnt a lot about sun care and about the new Tropic Skincare products.

Tropic Skincare are a natural beauty brand that I’ve featured on here before and you’ll know my love for them if you’re a longstanding reader. Their products have a 0 rating on the EWG website and the Think Dirty app, so you can rest assured that you’re only using the best ingredients when you use Tropic Skincare. I’ve not had much experience with natural sun care so far, as I find that it can be hard to find good ones and ones that aren’t super expensive. So I was really excited to try these ones from Tropic that are safe for our skin, safe for the planet and a good price point.

Luckily it’s been really nice weather in the UK right now, so I’ve had plenty of chances to use these! I always like to use sun cream when I’m out in the sun. I use it on my face everyday (even in winter and when I’m only sitting indoors) and I use it on my body every time I go out in the sun. Last year I had a blemish on my skin examined and it turned out that it was a form of cancer (although I was really lucky in that it only affects the surface of the skin and I don’t need any other treatment than to have it removed) and since then I am meticulous in applying sun care. I always was hot on it before to be honest as I burn easily because I’m fair, but now I’m even more so!

New Reef-Safe Sun Protection Range

The new range has been developed to provide protection against UVA and UVB rays, while also protecting against daily pollution and blue light damage. The formulas have been created so that they aren’t harmful to the reefs when the sun care washes off into the ocean. They have cutting-edge ingredients for optimum skin health and effective formulations that have landed them with the honour of being the first products in Europe to carry the Protect Land + Sea seal of approval.

Broad-spectrum sun protection is provided by reef-safe chemical filters and Great Barrier and Sun Stick have also had mineral protection added too in the form of zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. They are all super lightweight (probably the most ightweight sun protection products I’ve used) and on sticky – they sink in within minutes and you’re left with supple, nourished skin that’s protected from the sun!

Great Barrier Sun Lotion * – £28.00

I’ve worn this every time I’ve gone out the house since I received it. It’s really light on the skin and doesn’t create a white cast at all. This is because it’s a mixture of a chemical and physical sunscreen. Chemical sunscreens sink into the skin and turn the sun’s rays into non-damaging wavelengths once they hit the skin, which means that it doesn’t need to be as thick as physical sunscreens which prevent rays from hitting the skin in the first place. This does mean that you need to wait a few minutes before going out in the sun so that the product can sink in and fully protect you.

Great Barrier has green algae extract, Vitamin E and coconut extracts to condition and repair the skin. It is also sweat-resistant, which has come in really handy when we’ve been out skating. I’ve worn this out for around 3 hours before reapplying and I’ve not been burnt at all. This is a new staple for me now and I always make sure I’m wearing it when I leave the house.

Sun Day Facial UV Defence * – £24.00

This has easily slotted into my daily routine and will stay there for the foreseeable future! It has a weightless, transparent finish and once again sinks in wonderfully to the skin. This has actually been formulated to double up as a primer for make up, so that you can take out a step in your routine. The first time I wore this I missed my hairline (a regular occurrence, I’m afraid to say) and it showed me just how good this is. My hairline was bright red, but the rest of my face was still white. I was amazed that it was so good as I’d only applied it once in the morning and I’d been out all day – I do recommend applying it more throughout the day, but I had make up on.

I’m so happy with the protection this gives me and as it also protects against pollution and blue light waves, it’s a great one to wear everyday. As a primer it did seem to make my foundation last well throughout the day, even though I was sweating at one point. It also smells amazing and it makes me think I’m on a beach somewhere whenever I use it. If you only buy one thing from the range then this is the one I would recommend, hands down! You can see it in action over on my Instagram in the Quarantine Morning Skincare Routine IGTV.

Sun Stick * – £20.00

Sun Stick is great for on the go. It’s a small stick that you can easily pop in your bag and take with you. You can then just twist the top off and apply it directly to your skin with no need to rub in – perfect for anywhere that needs a top up. It can be used on the face, lips, body and even on the hairline (a top tip from Susie)! It includes tamanu oil to regenerate skin and reduce the effects of sunburn whilst also protecting. It also defends against pollution and free radicals, so it’s another one that is great to use everyday!

Skin Shade Range

We were also lucky enough to be sent the Skin Shade range to try out. This range is a mineral sunscreen range, so perfect for anyone who likes a physical sunscreen instead of a chemical. They are both water resistant, as are all of the sun care products from Tropic Skincare.

Skin Shade Sun Cream * – £28.00

I’ve only used this once so far, as I really wanted to put the Great Barrier through it’s paces but when I did I really liked it. This does take more rubbing in, so isn’t as quick to apply as the others, but it does protect you pretty much straight away so you can get in the sun sooner. Maybe a better option for impatient kiddies who just want to get out and play!

Once again I came back from being in the sun for around 2 hours and the sun hadn’t touched me. It had provided full protection. I did find that this felt a little more sticky than the Great Barrier, but nothing compared to other conventional sun creams I’ve used before. It includes kahai and roucou oils to moisturise the skin and keep it nourished and protected.

Skin Shade Tinted Facial Sun Cream * – £24.00

We were all sent our corresponding shades in this, which was great attention to detail from the Tropic Skincare team (one of the reasons that I always love working with them!). Mine is Light/Medium and at first I was worried it would be a little dark, but it’s not super pigmented so it blends out really well. It leaves the tiniest bit of colour behind to even out skin tone and redness and create a plain canvas. Perfect for a day at the beach, when I want to look like I’ve made a little bit of an effort! I’ve also used this under make up and it makes for a great base colour to stick foundation to.

As with the others this protected my face really well and was comfortable to wear all day. Due to it being tinted you don’t get any white cast either, which is a bonus, especially for darker skin tones. Golden jojoba oil works with fractionated coconut oil to create a silky formulation that glides on smoothly and evenly and wild hibiscus flower is rich in antioxidants to combat free radical damage. This is another great facial sun screen option that can be worn all year round.

After Care

Sun Soothe Cooling Aftersun Lotion * – £22.00

I’ve only tested this out on my hand so far, as the sun protection has done such a good job at protecting me! It includes aloe vera and calendula extracts to soothe the skin and also feels so moisturising. I can imagine that it would be so soothing on any burnt skin and would help to nourish and repair the skin quickly.

You can pick up the Tropic Sun Care range now. It’s been brilliant at protecting me on our sunny walks and I’d recommend everyone to pick some up. Sun care is so important, not just for holidays but for home as well. These would of been coming to Florida with me next week, but instead they’re keeping me company at home every day. Tropic Skincare is one of my favourite brands and they just keep producing the highest quality products. I really can’t rave about them enough.

5 thoughts on “The All New Reef-Safe Sun Protection Range from Tropic Skincare / AD”

  1. I’ve seen such good reviews on this product and I’m so ashamed to say I have yet to try anything from Tropic! Mostly because I consider them quite pricey and also international shipping is crazy! I hope to still try them one fine day 😊

    🌸 Marissa Belle | x 🌸


  2. That launch sounds like it was so much fun! I need new skincare products at the moment! I will have to check them out!


    1. They are such a great brand. I’ve used lots of their skincare, so let me know if you need any recommendations! x


  3. I’m a big Tropic fan! I’ve been eyeing up the Facial UV Defence for a while, this has given me the push to buy it next time I run out of SPF. I’m tempted by the Sun Stick too – I’m also guilty of forgetting my hairline! xx


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