The Furlough Diaries: Month 2

Another month has passed and it’s gone so quickly!

At the start of tis month our Florida holiday got officially cancelled. I had mixed feelings about it as I was of course gutted because we’d been planning this holiday for so long, however with everything going on it was nice to have some certainty of what was happening (or not happening!). I was worried that we would be able to fly to Florida but nothing would be open for us to visit, like Disneyworld or Universal and that would of been such a waste of money for us. So in the end it worked out for the best. We’re still waiting to get our credit from TUI and then we’re going to try and book for the same time next year I think.

I’ve found my motivation with my fitness again now. Finally! It escaped me for a while at the beginning of lockdown and we were super busy with other things. But this month I’ve had time to focus on me more. I’ve become obsessed with Natacha Oceane and have been watching all her YouTube videos, as well as doing her Home Reload guide. I definitely want to pick up her Cut Reload when the gyms open back up again as I love her way of training. I also been trying to eat healthier over the last couple of weeks too and it seems to be making me feel better so far!

Another good thing to come from the lockdown is that I’ve had much more time to read. I’ve really found the joy of reading again and I’ve been ticking books off my TBR list like there’s no tomorrow! When I’m at work I don’t always get the time to read as much as I like, usually it’s only for a few minutes before bed. Now though I’ve got all day to fit in some reading. Last month I read 6 books and I’m on track for the same again this month!

We’ve nearly finished our gallery wall in the living room now. Once we’d finished decorating we ordered a few more bits for it and I finally managed to finish my cross stitch too! You can just see it right at the top! I’m so proud of that cross stitch – it took me over 30 hours to do but it looks awesome so I’m happy 🙂 We’ve just got one more gap to fill now, right below the cross stitch and above the goats head. We’ve also been thinking about redecorating our bedroom too. We did it when we first moved in 5 years ago and now that all the other rooms are fresh again we’d like to change up our room. We’re just not too sure what colours to pick though. At the moment it’s white walls with a cream/gold flowery pattern on one wall and cottage furniture. We want to keep all the furniture, so we need something that will go with that and want to inject some colour into the room. I quite like the idea of teal or black walls, but we’ll see. I need to get on Pinterest and find some inspo!

I think that’s all the report for May. Of course we’re still isolating and haven’t seen our family yet, but the government have said that we can visit other households again soon, as long as it’s outside and you stay socially distanced. I’m looking forward to going to see my parents soon and having a good old catch up! I’m also hearing rumours that my aerial classes are opening back up next month too, so I’m super exvited to get back in the air too. Hopefully June will bring some changes about and we can finally get out of the house for a bit and not just to Tesco!

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    1. It’s so nice to have the time to read again! I’m making the most of it before we have to go back 🙂

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