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New Ere Perez Goodies / AD

This post contains gifted items from Love Lula which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Ere Perez is a brand that has featured pretty often on this site. Their make up products are some of the best in the green beauty world in my opinion and I can’t get enough! Whilst browsing Love Lula I noticed that they had some of their newer releases on there so I had to try them out.

Ere Perez Tapioca Cheek Colour in Tokyo * – £28.50

This is a beautiful colour. It might be the most beautiful blush I own actually. I love a pinky/peachy blush colour for the summer months and this one matches that need perfectly. It’s described as a peony pink but I would describe it as a peach/pink. It looks super pretty on the skin and it actually settles to look like a cream on me. I think it’s the tapioca that makes it smooth, silky and hydrating on the skin. My cheeks look really glowy and bright when I’ve used this and I love how it adds a healthy flush to my face.

I did expect this to be a little bigger if I’m honest as the bronzers and highlighters come in bigger packaging and I was expecting the same, but it’s still not a bad size. I would just prefer it if they were all the same on my dresser really! I take ages to use blush up anyway so I’m not particularly worried about it being a little bit smaller.

This is definitely going to be my go to blush for the rest of the summer, as it compliments my skin tone beautifully. I’m so happy with this and really glad that I picked it up!

Ere Perez Wild Pansy Lipbar in Wish * – £20.00

This pick was inspired by the fact that I wanted a nice tinted lip balm that I could wear around the house. I have hundreds of lip balms – tinted and non tinted – but I can’t get enough of them! I am a sucker for a tinted lip balm. Even when I find great ones that I love I’ll still buy more to try out. I loved the Dior Creme de Rose balm and it was my favourite in texture, colour and performance. With going CF I couldn’t use it anymore and I’ve been on the hunt for something similar ever since.

Ere Perez’s newest addition to the lip family is a good one though. It includes shea butter, argan oil and hydrating plant-based squalene to provide lips with a hydrating hit of colour. I do think the colour pay off could be better – it’s very faint and only gives the tiniest bit of colour, but I do still like it. It’s perfect for lazing around the house as it won’t go all over anything, so if I want to take a nap then I don’t need to worry about getting lip colour on the sofa cushions.

It is super moisturising and my lips always feel relived after applying this. It’s comfortable to wear and the packaging is so pretty. I love pulling out a pretty, luxury lip balm as it makes me feel like I really have my shit together! This has the traditional white packaging of Ere Perez and they always look so timeless.

I’m really pleased with Ere Perez’s new products and I’m glad I got to add these to my stash. You really can’t go wrong with Ere Perez and I think everyone should have at least one of their products in their makeup arsenal.

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