Welcome to Obsidian Hollow / AD

This is a promotional post for my own products from my own company.

I’ve been away from this little space on the internet for a while. So much has been happening that I just haven’t had the time to dedicate to my blog!

First of all I got the news that I’m being made redundant. I worked in the events industry and they’ve been hit one of the hardest by the pandemic, so it wasn’t totally unexpected. Anthony was made redundant last month too, so it’s been a bit of a uncertain time lately.

We did manage to get away in August for 5 days though, which was lovely after everything that’s happened this year. We went to York and it was an amazing little break away.

When we got back I then started to think about getting my own little business up and running and a few weeks later Obsidian Hollow was born! I’ve created my own small business making handmade jewellery to try and make a bit of money while I’m unemployed. Even if it just covers a bill or some grocery orders I’ll be happy 🙂

I’m selling a collection of spooky, witchy and boho earrings and necklaces that are perfect for Halloween or just for all year round if you’re like me! I’m going to be selling some seasonal items too, so once Christmas comes round there will be a few Christmas pices too, but mainly it will be a all year round Halloween/Spooky/Witchy shop.

I thought I’d share some pictures of them here for you and leave a link to my shop and shop socials so if you feel like supporting me you can. Even a like on my photos would mean the world to me as I’d really like to make a successful go of this! I’ve had a few orders so far and they all mean so much to me. I really do a little happy dance when an order comes in and it makes my heart so full!




Hopefully I will see you over on the shop accounts and maybe even send an order to you one day 🙂

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