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My Favourite Brands from Love Lula / AD

This post contains gifted items from Love Lula and Antipodes which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

I thought I’d share some of my favourite brands from Love Lula today. I post a lot about products from their shop so thought I’d let you in on what my absolute favourite brands are! These are perfect starter brands if you’re looking to get into natural beauty.


These are an amazing natural brand that I think are a great starting point for cruelty free and natural beauty enthusiasts. They do everything from cleansers, moisturisers, masks, hand cream and everything in between, so you can easily pick up a whole routine from them.

I’ve tried lots of their skincare now and have loved nearly all of their products! The Manuka Honey products deserve a shoutout all of their own.

Favourite products: Aura Manuka Honey Mask * , Baptise Water Gel * , Hallelujah Cleanser *


These do my favourite base products. Their City CC Cream * is amazing, but I had to stop using it as it has St Johns Wort in it and I can’t take that at the moment. I will be back To this again though when I can!

In the meantime I’ve been using the Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation *. This is a gorgeous glowy base that gives good coverage but doesn’t hide my skin! I love it!

Their skincare is also lovely! I’ve not tried many of their skincare products but what I have tried I’ve really liked! They do some amazing masks like the SOS Moisture & Radiance Mask and the Detox Mud Mask.

Favourites: Skin Equal Soft Glow Foundation *, City CC Cream *, Anti-Fatigue Eye Rescue Cream *

Ere Perez

For all other make up needs I look straight to Ere Perez. To be fair they also do a lovely foundation in their Oat Milk Foundation * but it’s their lipsticks, bronzer and mascara that I love! Their Avocado Waterproof Mascara * is the best natural mascara I’ve found and I keep going back to it.

I also have nearly all of their lipsticks as they’re the most pigmented, comfortable lipsticks to wear. I think I’m only missing 2 shades!!

Favourites: Avocado Waterproof Mascara *, Olive Oil Lipsticks *, Rice Powder Blush & Bronzer *

So these are where I would start on Love Lula. You can pick up lots of nice products from these brands and overhaul your routine! They’re not too expensive either, but natural beauty brands are more expensive than mainstream brands in general.

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