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Christmas Gifts with Tropic Skincare / AD

This post contains gifted items from Tropic Skincare which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

A few days ago I was very kindly invited to another Tropic Skincare Virtual Event. The one they did in the summer was incredible so I was very excited! Tropic does the best events and I love hearing Susie talk about their products – you can really hear the passion in her voice and she has the best tips too! This time it was all about Christmas gifts.

Tropic Skincare are a brand that come at the top of my favourite brands list. There are only a few brands that I return to again and again and love most of their products and this is one of them.

Tropic are a great company – as well as producing amazing products they also care about the world too. They are always looking at how they can help reduce their carbon footprint and what they can do to help with reducing their impact on the environment. Most of their packaging is recyclable and they are also looking into doing refillable packaging next year to be even more environmentally friendly. I love brands that think about the bigger picture and not just their profits.

I also love that their products are natural. I always try to use natural products wherever possible, especially skincare (unfortunately natural make up still seems to be a bit harder to find good options) as I find that my skin loves natural products much more. Tropic do great products and I have favourites from them that I’ve used for years!

So on to their Christmas releases. They’re doing several gift sets this year and I have 3 of them to share with you today :). The theme for their sets this year is ‘It’s The Little Things’ as it’s been a hard year for people this year with the pandemic and they want to take it back to basics to provide people with a little bit of calm, relaxation and pampering.

Your Best Skin Bauble – Glow Version * – £28

The Your Best Skin Bauble comes in 3 different versions: Glow, Nourish and Clear. I chose the Glow version as I love my skin to look glowy, but the other versions also sound delightful. I think this set is the perfect option for someone who you’d like to introduce Tropic too, as it has several little mini version of their bestsellers. You can also hang it on the tree as a decoration too!

In the Glow kit I got samples of Clear Skies Cleansing Powder, Glow Berry Serum, Skin Feast Moisturiser, Sun Drops and a Bamboo Face Cloth. I hadn’t tried any of these before so I’ve been testing them out over the last few days. As first impressions I love them! The Bamboo Face Cloth is the softest thing ever and removes make up amazingly well!

The combination of the Glow Berry and the Skin Feast has made my skin the glowiest I’ve ever seen it and I’m thinking of investing in both of them when these run out. I’m not a huge user of fake tan so the Sun Drops I’ll probably save until the summer, but I have tried them once and it did give me a nice tint of colour. Clear Skies is also another great product. It takes a little getting used to a powder product but once you have this is perfect for cleaning the skin and make it feel really fresh.

Little Cracker of Joy – The Butterbalm Collection * – £24.00

Tropic are doing several versions of their crackers this year and I got to try the Butterbalm Collection. This is amazing! It’s perfect for the season as it gets colder and skin starts to dry out more. And this collection has the best scents to it, as they’re all coffee related! I love warm scents like this for winter, so this is the perfect gift for someone like me. You get 3 mini balms in the cutest packaging that are perfect for on the go, or look great on your bedside table!

In this set you get Almond Matcha Latte Butterbalm, Coffee Hazelnut Latte Butterbalm, White Chocolate Coconut Latte Butterbalm and a cute little Bamboo Spatula too! All of these smell divine and taste amazing too – yes you can actually eat them, they’re that natural (although very fattening apparently so I wouldn’t recommend eating a lot!). They make skin so soft and they actually penetrate the skin too, instead of just sitting on top of it.

I’ve been using these as lip balms mainly and I’ve used them all day every day since I got them. One I use before bed and the others I use throughout the day. I’ve also used them on the dry skin I get around my hair line and they’ve been soothing that too.

Joy Drum – Unwind Me * – £28.00

Last but not least is this gorgeous set of soothing sleep products to help you get a good nights sleep. Perfect for people who are stressed or have anxiety as it helps to calm the mind and relax the body. Using these as a bedtime routine every night is the perfect way to wind down and forget about the days problems.

It features mini So Sleepy Luxury Bath Foam, So Sleepy Whipped Body Velvet, So Sleepy Temple Roll-On and a Bamboo Spatula. My favourite of all of them is the Sleepy Temple Roll-On as it’s really helped me to drift off at night. I’ll definitely be picking up a full size of this when it runs out.

As for the Whipped Body Velvet this is a super luxurious whipped cream that sinks in well on the skin and has a lovely feel to it. It smells divine and I like to use this at night before bed so that it leaves me calm and relaxed. The Bath Foam I haven’t used yet, but it does have the same Sleepy scent to it, so I can imagine it would smell amazing and really help to destress you.

All these gift sets make great presents for Christmas and Tropic also have others on their website too, so I’m sure you’ll find something for that special person you’re looking to treat 🙂

Thank you so much to Tropic Skincare and Susie for another brilliant event and for the amazing gift sets to try and share with you guys. I can’t wait for the next event already!

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