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Deforestation Free Beauty and the Perfect Bath with Bloomtown / AD

This post contains gifted items from Bloomtown which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Bloomtown got in touch with me the other week to see if I’d like to try some of their products and tell you guys about their Deforestation Free Beauty. I thought it was a great idea so they very kindly sent me two of their products.

I chose The Meadow Pink Himalayan Salt Soak * and The Meadow Bath & Body Oil *, as I’ve been loving my baths lately. I always get obsessed with baths in the Autumn and Winter as they’re so relaxing and they’re great for helping me with my anxiety. Before talking about the products though, let’s talk a little bit about Bloomtown themselves.

I actually worked with Bloomtown a while ago and you can see that post here. I loved the products I tried from them before and they’re a great small business too. It was started by Preyanka and her husband Medwin who were shocked to see the effects of palm oil cultivation in forests in Indonesia and the loss of homes for endangered species. This resulted in them creating palm oil free beauty products to show that you don’t need to endanger animals in order to feel beautiful.

Palm Oil is used in lots of things from beauty products to food. 90% of the world’s palm oil is produced in Malaysia and Indonesia where it’s estimated that 300 football fields worth of rainforest are cleared EVERY HOUR in order to plant palm. Because of this Indonesia is the country with the fastest rate of deforestation. The COP estimated in the 2006 alone, 1500 orangutans were clubbed to death by plantation workers, as they are seen as pests. This is only an overview of palm oil but please check out this post on Bloomtown’s website to read more about it.

In light of all this Bloomtown have started a movement in the beauty industry. They’re asking you to use the hashtag #deforestationfree and tag @bloomtownuk to raise awareness and for a chance to be featured on their Instagram. They’re also giving away a £50 gift card each month to the creator of their favourite image of video.

Now onto the products …

First up is The Meadow Himalayan Salt Soak *. This is the dreamiest smelling salt soak – The Meadow scent is Lavender and Rose Geranium. Bath salts are great for drawing out excess moisture and impurities from the body as well as reducing swelling and aching too. A lot of body builders and power lifters use them to aide the recovery of their muscles. These ones from Bloomtown are also aromatherapy salts so you have the added benefit of them helping you to relax and de-stress too.

I can vouch that these are incredible. The Lavender scent is so relaxing and it feels amazing to just sit with a good book and inhale the soothing scent. I’ve used these twice now and I think they’re probably the most relaxing baths I’ve had!

I also chose The Meadow Body and Bath Oil * as I thought this would complement the Salt Soak well and I was right! Of course they’re both from The Meadow range so they have the same Lavender and Rose Geranium scent, which means that you get a double hit of the relaxing smell. I like to add a few sprays of this to the bath, along with the salt soak to make it a really luxurious experience. I actually did a reel of how I use these products on Instagram here, so go check that out to see them in action!

As you might of guessed from the name the Body and Bath Oil can also be used directly on the skin too. Apply this to your skin when you get out of the bath and it’s the perfect end to your pampering session. It sinks in well and makes my skin feel super soft, even the really dry patches. It’s not greasy so you only have to wait a few seconds for it to sink in and then you can get straight into your clothes (which I would recommend putting on the radiator before your bath so they’re nice and toasty!).

Bloomtown really do produce some luxurious products and you can have the perfect bath with the Salt Soak and Body Oil. They also do facial products too, which I tried before and were really nice. I also love that the packaging on these is glass. It’s putting less plastic into the world and I’ll actually reuse these – I have a plan for putting some flowers in the Salt Soak jar once I’ve used them. I think it will look really pretty.

You can’t go wrong with Bloomtown products – they’re really lovely and so luxurious. It’s also great to know that you aren’t contributing to any deforestation while using them too! Please go and check them out and also give their posts about palm oil and deforestation a read too. Thank you to Bloomtown for sending these over and letting me try them. I’ll love using these every week and will be gutted when they eventually run out!

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