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Brand Discovery – Dr Hauschka / AD

This post contains gifted items from Dr Hauschka which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Dr Hauschka are a brand that has been on my radar to try for a long time. I’ve seen their products on websites and blogs and a lot of bloggers rave about them. I was very lucky to be sent some of their products to try and you can bet that this is going to be another post raving about them! Grab a cuppa and we’ll dive in.

Dr Hauschka was founded by Rudolf Hauschka after he launched a skincare range to complement his already established medical range. He worked with Elisabeth Sigmund to develop recipes for facial care products. They developed a way to create stable base creams without the use of chemical emulsifiers and to create fragrances with natural essential oils. The first products were created in 1967 and the brand is still going strong today.

I was sent pretty much a whole morning routine to test out, so that’s what I did! I’ve used these products now each morning and some at night too, for around 4 weeks and I’ve been so happy with them!

Soothing Cleansing Milk * – £25.50

First up is the Soothing Cleansing Milk *. The description of this as a milk is a little misleading, as I would say it’s thicker than a milk – more like a cream. Personally this is better for me as I love a cream cleanser and find milks can be too runny. The texture is lovely and soft and it feels so luxurious to massage into the skin. I find this great as a morning cleanser to get rid of the sweat and grime from throughout the night.

I’ve tried it as a evening cleanser to remove make up and I found that it wasn’t great at removing make up. I was left with black circles round my eyes, where it hadn’t broke down the mascara and I had a bit of face make up on my toning pad after too. This works much better as a second cleanse after you’ve removed make up.

It makes my face feel clean without it feeling dry or stripped of all goodness. It actually feels really smooth and soft and the perfect base for the rest of my skincare.

Facial Toner * – £25.50

Second step in the routine is a toner and I chose the Facial Toner *. This toner contains a medicinal plant composition to fotify and refresh the complexion. At first I wasn;t a huge fan of the smell of this, but I persevered and I’m glad I did. Once I got past the smell I could see that it was having a really good effect on my skin. It wakes the skin up after cleansing and I find that it’s the perfect toner to use before a facial oil to do a massage. It creates a great slip to the skin so that other products you put on top can penetrate the skin better.

This one has anthyllis extract to balance the skin and witch hazel to help tone and elasticity. This is aimed at normal, dry or senstive skin. Dr Hauschka also does a Clarifying Toner for people with blemish prone skin though and you can also mix and match them depending on what your skin is going through at the time.

Melissa Day Cream * – £27.00

A good moisturiser is a must for a great skincare routine. It locks in all the other products that you’ve applied and forms a protective barrier for the day. I have fallen completely in love with this day cream. It smells like love heart sweets, which is a lovely scent and I love to really take my time to massage it in and breathe in the smell. I’ve found that this works well for a mini morning massage too as it doesn’t sink in instantly like thinner creams.

It’s a dream to apply as it’s the perfect consistency. It’s a thick cream that feels as though it’s actually nourishing the skin as soon as you apply it, but it doesn’t feel heavy or clogging at all. It’s perfect for winter as I feel as though I have an extra layer of protection from the cold weather. It doesn’t sink into the skin completely but does leave a very light layer of product that makes a perfect base for make up. I’ve been using this for weeks now and it hasn’t given me any breakouts or blocked pores. Just given me super soft and smooth skin. It also makes my skin feel really supple and plump too. When I’ve applied it I just want to stroke my face all day!

Rose Deodorant * – £13.00

The last thing I’ve tried is the Rose Deodorant *. I’m still looking for the perfect natural deodorant and have tried quite a few of them. This one from Dr Hauschka is a lovely option. It smells delicious and it does the job for a normal every day. If I’m just pottering around the house and popping out for food (what else is there to go out for now?!) then this is a great deodorant. It keeps me feeling fresh all day.

However, this isn’t great for anything more than that. Unfortunately it doesn’t work if you’re going to get sweaty. I’ve worn this to the gym, to do boxing and to do yoga and each time I’ve finished smelling like BO. The rose scent doesn’t seem to combat the BO smell and instead it mixes with it to create more of a sour smell. Not great! I do use it for just sitting round the house daily though and it’s a great deodorant for that. It does have lovely natural ingredients and doesn’t contain any aluminium salts, so it’s nice and gently on delicate underarm skin.

Overall I’ve had a great experience with Dr Hauschka products. The only one I didn’t love was the deodorant, but I still like it and natural deodorants that work in the gym are VERY hard to find. Their skincare though is amazing and I’ve definitely found products that I want to keep in my routine. Especially during the winter when I want the extra nourishment and protection.

Have you tried any Dr Hauschka products before?

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