Happy New Year

Hello 2021! Well what a year 2020 was ey? I must admit 2020 wasn’t all bad for me though.

It’s been a struggle – Covid (obviously!), Anthony and I both lost our jobs, I was diagnosed with anxiety, being stuck inside the whole year! BUT we’ve made the most of it. We’ve decorated some rooms in the house, I’ve read more, we’ve watched series and films that have been on our list for ages and the best bit was just being able to spend time together. Most couples/families never get to spend weeks together without the strains of work and everyday life, so we’ve felt really lucky to be able to do that last year.

It’s a new year now and I always feel really motivated come January, so I’ve got some goals for this year and thought I’d share them here. My motivation doesn’t last long though usually so we will see how it goes!

  1. Find a new job! – This is self explanatory but as I was made redundant due to Covid then it’s kind of a necessity now.
  2. Get to 1000 sales on my Etsy shop Obsidian Hollow – within 2 months of opening I had 100 sales so I’m hoping to really boost that this year and get some more in! 1000 might be a bit of a stretch but we all need to have goals right?!
  3. Find my groove in blogging and on Instagram – I still feel as if I haven’t quite got into my own rhythm with blogging and social media. I like too many things to stick to a niche but I know I need to. Natural beauty is my main focus right now and maybe I’ll add in some more lifestyle posts too! I also want to create some more videos for Instagram – Anthony bought me a ring light for Christmas so I’m hoping that will help me create more. Let me know if there’s anything you want to see, as I love to create content that is helpful to you guys.

We’re in a lockdown in the UK again now until February and it doesn’t seem as if there’s any light at the end of the tunnel but I’m trying to stay positive. There’s a vaccine now and hopefully it will start to turn the tables on the pandemic. I suppose only time will tell, but we’ve got to have some hope right. Our holiday from last year that was postponed is coming up again this summer and I really hope we will be able to go. Fingers crossed for us!

Anyway this has been a bit of a rambly post I’m afraid but I wanted to wish everyone a Happy New Year and let’s hope that 2021 is the year we get rid of Covid and get back some normality.

3 thoughts on “Happy New Year”

    1. Thank you. Yes, I feel like we need to make the most out of the little things now! 🙂


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