Vegan Chocolate from Doisy & Dam / AD

This post contains gifted items from Doisy & Dam which have been marked with *. The company provided them for a review on Instagram but have not had any control of this post. I just wanted to share a blog post on them too. All opinions are 100% my own.

I wanted to do a quick post today to share some chocolate with you from Doisy & Dam. It’s Veganuary right now and I know a few of you guys are doing it this year so I wanted to help out where I could. I’m not vegan myself but I try to eat vegan wherever I can.

Doisy & Dam believe in making chocolate that has better ingredients and better ethics. They only use naturally grown ingredients and they source their cocoa from Colombia. Doisy & Dam are a B-Corp company which means they are committed to being a force for good. All their chocolate is free from palm oil and Vegan Society Certified. You can read all about their company values on their website here, but I was impressed by how much they’re doing.

Chocolate is something that is hard to find a good vegan alternative for. My favourite is milk chocolate and obviously that’s not vegan! Dark chocolate is always a little bitter for me so when I tried Doisy & Dam I wasn’t expecting much. However I’m happy to say that I was wrong! Their chocolate is absolutely gorgeous. It’s not too bitter – it is more bitter than milk chocolate of course but it’s smooth and not harsh on the tastebuds.

My favourites are the D&Ds * which are like smarties and I feel like they are the best option for someone who really doesn’t like dark chocolate as the coating gives them a much softer flavour. The Diddies bars * are great for a little snack to put in your lunchbox. I’ve been using a quarter of each to put in my porridge in the morning with a banana and a little bit of honey – scrumptious!

I’ve also been enjoying the Coconut & Lucuma bar *. It has a lovely coconut taste that’s not too overpowering but blends well with the dark chocolate. Super tasty! The Nuttercups * are also amazing dupes of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups – I was actually really shocked by how similar they are.

I’ve been really impressed with Doisy & Dam chocolate and I’ll definitely be picking up some more when these run out and I fancy treating myself! They are more expensive than your average Dairy Milk chocolate, but for tasty vegan chocolate that’s also conscious about it’s ethics, I don’t mind paying a bit more. A great alternative to dairy chocolate for Veganuary and beyond!

28 thoughts on “Vegan Chocolate from Doisy & Dam / AD”

  1. Lots of respect to you and the others doing Veganuary, I’m clearly not strong enough to do it, I love cheese too much! These chocolates sound lovely though! xx


    1. I’m not a strict vegan myself – you’re right cheese is irreplaceable, but I do try and eat vegan as much as I can so it’s great to have good options like this.


  2. I tried something from them before and was shocked at how I couldn’t tell a difference, with it being vegan x


  3. These sound lovely! I love the packaging too! They would be really nice to go with a book in order to combine as a joint gift. I saw this once on YouTube how they compliment a bar of chocolate with a book, as in the colours etc. I’ll bear these in mind,


  4. I have never tried these but they sound lovely and I am always looking for a healthier alternative. Love thr idea of purring them in your porridge xx


  5. These all sound lovely, my daughter has a lactose intolerance so these would be perfect for her, there isn’t a lot of choices and most vegan chocolate isn’t nice so it’s so good to know about this company, I will definitely check them out xxx

      Zoë – MammafulZo 💕 


    1. Glad I could introduce them to you. I’m sure your daughter will love them! 🙂


  6. This brand sound like they make some really good chocolate! I really need to go back to being dairy free so I’ll definitely be checking them out x


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