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Adding Some Colour To My Eyeshadows With Benecos / AD

This post contains gifted items from Love Lula which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Benecos is a brand that I’ve mentioned before on this blog. They’re a natural, cruelty free brand that are really affordable. Perfect for if you don’t have a big budget but still want to try natural make up.

If you follow me on Instagram (you can find me here – I did a little reel on how this refillable palette works too!) then you would of seen that I want to try some more colourful eyeshadow looks this year. I didn’t want to invest in any that were too expensive though (redundancy has made me cut back on the luxury items), especially as I’m not sure what colours will suit me and which won’t yet. So in comes Benecos!

I was instantly drawn to their IT-Pieces Refillable Make Up Palette * as you can customise it. You buy the IT-Pieces Refillable Make Up Palette * and then you buy the eyeshadows, highlighters, blush or bronzers that you want to put it in. Such an ingenious idea, as that way you don’t get any shades that you won’t use – as good as ready made palettes are there are always a couple of shades that I leave. I chose the below products for my palette:

benecos IT-Pieces Refillable Make Up Palette *
Eyeshadow – Rusty Copper *
Eyeshadow – Lilac Light *
Eyeshadow – Greenish Mermaid *
Eyeshadow – Muddy Olive *
Eyeshadow – Ocean Eyes *
Eyeshadow – Blue Galaxy *

As you can see I stuck to eyeshadows for my palette but I could probably add in a highlighter or blush later if I wanted to as I have some spare room. For now though my aim is try more bright eyeshadows so that’s what I picked.

The eyshadows themselves are really nice, if a little powdery. As you can see in the swatch they’re very faint to begin with, but I managed to build them up a lot on my eye. It’s probably quite good that they’re like that for beginners though as it means they’re easier to blend out if you make a mistake.

Greenish Mermaid with Muddy Olive – This photo hasn’t been edited.

I loved the colours. They’re bright enough to make a statement but subtle enough that you needn’t be afraid to use them. I’ve created some lovely looks with these and it’s definitely built my confidence up to wear more colour on my eyes. I’ve mainly paired the lighter colour all over the lid with the darker colour in the crease but it’s also been fun to mix them up. I paired Rusty Copper with Blue Galaxy the other day and the result was surprisingly nice!

Greenish Mermaid with Muddy Olive – This photo hasn’t been edited.

I’ve worn these for a full day each and I must admit that they did crease on me, even with using a primer. I think it’s because of the glitter/iridescence that they collected in the crease. I got around 3/4 hours out of them before they started to crease so if you’re looking to wear them all day they’re probably not for you. However, if you’re looking for just trying them out at the weekends then they’re a great option.

I really enjoyed using these colours and I was really impressed with them for the price. With each eyeshadow being £3.95 then it’s the perfect way to try some new colours and see if they suit you before investing in more expensive options.

Do you wear bright eyeshadow or are you more of a neutral lover?

25 thoughts on “Adding Some Colour To My Eyeshadows With Benecos / AD”

  1. The green looks so nice with your eye colour babe! I’m not brave enough to add colour to my eyes! They say purple is really nice with green eyes but I can’t seem to pull it off, I might experiment a bit whilst were in lockdown haha! xx


    1. I’ve tried purple before and it does look nice with green eyes! Now is the perfect time to experiment, as we don’t have anywhere to go anyway haha! x


  2. Haven’t heard of this brand before. Love that it’s such an easy and subtle way to add colour to your makeup x


  3. Love a khaki eyeshadow! It’s such a good halfway point between colour and neutral x


  4. These are so affordable, like you say they sound nice for a subtle look. I haven’t heard of the brand before such a good idea to pick your own shades x


  5. I love using refillable eyeshadow palettes because my taste in colours tend to change quite frequently. You’ve picked some beautiful shades which really suit you.


  6. They definitely look like they worked better on the eyes, I haven’t heard of this brand though so it is nice to stumble across a new one to keep an eye out for.


    1. Yes, they worked a lot better on the eyes than on the swatches! They’re a lovely brand!


    1. I used to be like that too – it’s only this year that I’ve started to experiment!


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