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Brand Discovery – Lily Lolo / AD

This post contains gifted items from Lily Lolo which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been incredibly lucky to be able to test out a few Lily Lolo products that were kindly gifted to me. I’ve had lots of fun trying these out and have taken photos of a couple of different looks for you. It’s a long one so grab a cuppa. I’ve separated them into areas of the face just to make it a little easier to navigate too.


The BB Cream * is the product I was most underwhelmed by. I was looking forward to trying it but the first time I did it pilled upon application, which is pretty annoying! I worked with it and managed to get it to look okay in the end and was impressed with it afterwards. I’ve tried it out a few more times since and I’ve found the best way to work it is to put an oil underneath instead of a cream moisturiser. It sits on the skin much better and doesn’t roll at all. I found that it’s a pretty good match for me and provides pretty decent coverage for a BB Cream, so now I’ve figured out how to work it I actually really like it! In general I prefer a bit more coverage with my bases but this is perfect if you just want to even out skin tone or redness. It won’t cover things like blemishes or dark circles so you’ll need a concealer for that! It leaves a natural, glowy look so you’ll need to use powder if you prefer a more matte look to your skin.

Next up is the Pressed Bronzer. I actually bought this myself before this collaboration with Lily Lolo. I needed a new all over bronzer so decided to go with this one in the shade Miami Beach. I’m pretty pale and I find that it’s the perfect shade to make me tanned without making me at all orange! It applies well and also works well as a setting powder over the BB Cream* too. Perfect to add some colour!

The Coralista Cheek Duo * is a great little product. I love multi use products – they’re great for travelling or taking with you for the day. These shades are perfect for my skin tone. The blush is a rosy shade that creates such a natural blush on me. The highlighter has a golden tone to it which is perfect for the summer and will be even better when I have a tan! They both stay really well and last all day on me without needing a top up. I feel like I’d probably need to top them up on a night out but I usually need to do that with cheek products anyway!


The eye department is where Lily Lolo really hits it out of the park! These are the products that I’ve been the most impressed with, which means a lot as I’ve been impressed with all their products!

I got to try the Golden Hour Eye Palette * which has lovely golden tones in it. Usually I’m a neutral eyeshadow person but I wanted to go for something a little different and the pink and gold shadows in this palette caught my eye! I love the pigmentation of these. You only need the tiniest amount on the brush and it will cover your whole eye lid. I do find that the darker colours don’t seem to be quite as pigmented but they still give a good amount of colour – I just add a couple more layers to deepen the intensity. They’re easy to work with and easy to blend so they’re great for beginners or seasoned pros. I find they last much longer with an eye primer, but I find that about nearly every eyeshadow I use! Without an eye primer though I can easily get around 3 hours before they start creasing or smudging – this will depend on what you’re doing though of course.

A pencil mascara can be very faint and not last very long – especially in the green beauty world. But the Natural Eye Pencil in Black * isn’t like that at all. It’s a deep black that applies dark on the first application, it can create a great wing and it stays on for hours. I find that it doesn’t smudge massively well, so if that’s your thing this might not be the one but if you want something that’s going to stay put then look no further! This is one of my favourite pencil eyeliners now and I’ll definitely be repurchasing.

I think I’ve found my new favourite mascara! I’d heard great things about Big Lash Mascara * before but never gotten around to trying it. I’m so glad that I have now though as it’s amazing! It’s hard to find a good green beauty mascara that gives length and volume – I find that they mostly just want to enhance length but I love volume in my lashes. This is perfect for both! It gives me huge lashes that I’m so impressed with and it doesn’t flake or smudge throughout the day! I’ve worn this for 8 plus hours and it’s been perfect all the time – no smudging or flaking. I can’t rave about this enough and you all need to try it!

The Brow Duo Pencil is another item that I bought myself. When I first used this it was really dark on the brows and I had to brush them through a lot to disperse the product, but the more I’ve used it the less product it gives out. Now it distributes just the right amount and isn’t too dark for me. It’s a great match actually. I find the highlighter end a little weak though. It’s not a very strong highlighter and it doesn’t really add that much glow to the skin, so I don’t use that end very often.


I’ve only tried the one Lily Lolo lip product which is the Natural Lipstick * but I love it. I chose a pink colour this time as I have a lot of red lipsticks and I didn’t fancy a nude colour. Passion Pink has been a lovely addition to my lipstick wardrobe and bought a new shade for me to play with. The lasting power is pretty good – around 4 hours before fading, which is good for a creamy, satin effect lipstick. I’m going to be wearing this so much in the summer!

Lily Lolo is a brand that I would recommend everyone checks out. They probably give the closest results to a non green beauty brand, so they’re the perfect place to start if you’re looking to switch your make up to involve more green beauty products. They’re also such great value for money. The Big Lash Mascara * is only £13.50, which is a bargain for a mascara and especially a natural and cruelty free one. Lily Lolo are an amazing brand that I’ll definitely be picking up more of their products soon. I’m actually a little obsessed with them now!

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