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New Sponges from The Konjac Sponge Company / AD

This post contains gifted items from The Konjac Sponge Company which have been marked with *. The company have provided them for review but have not had any control of this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

A few weeks ago I was contacted to see if I wanted to try out some more Konjac Sponges. I’ve tried one before and reviewed it here in case you’d like to see that review, but it’s been a while since I’ve used one again so I was interested to see what I’d think now.

I was sent the The Mandala Jeju Scoria Face Sponge * and The Mandala Aloe Vera Body Sponge *. The body sponge is what caught my eye first as I’d not seen this product before and thought it was a great idea. The skin on my legs is really tough so I thought this might do well at softening it a little. The face sponge also looked perfect for my skin type, so I’ve been trying this out too.

The Konjac Sponge Company chose a mandala to represent this facial konjac sponge, because it’s ingredients derive from the ground to help keep your skin at it’s healthiest. It can then return to the ground after you’re finished with it, as it’s biodegradable. The packaging is biodegradable too. The volcanic region of Jeju island in South Korea produces a mineral-rich, naturally antibacterial volcanic scoria, which is included in this sponge to help absorb excess oils, dirt and impurities.

I don’t have overly oil skin, but I do have an oily t-zone on occasion – more throughout the summer when it’s hotter. The facial sponge that I was sent was great at getting rid of excess oil. I used it every morning with a little bit of my usual cream cleanser and after a couple of weeks I noticed that my skin was much less prone to oiliness. I feel like this would be perfect for people with oily skin and I know I’ll be using mine more over the summer. I also love how it exfoliates the skin gently and leaves it with a gorgeous glow.

The Body Sponge is also part of the Mandala range and is completely biodegradable. It includes Aloe Vera, which is known for it’s moisture rich content so it’s perfect for dry skin. It also has natural astringent properties to thoroughly cleanse the skin and unblock pores. It’s also antibacterial, so perfect for anyone who has acne.

The body sponge has been amazing! I always have thick skin on my legs which means I get a lot of ingrown hairs that don’t break through. This has been amazing at fixing those. I’ve been using it daily and I have noticed that I’ve had a lot less ingrown hairs since. It’s also helped my acne on my back really well too. I’ve always struggled with spots on my back and nothing seems to help, but using this a couple times a week has really helped them to not be so angry and red. It’s really been a gamechanger!

Have you guys tried Konjac Sponges yet? They’re a great addition to your routine and there are all different options for different skin types too.

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