The New ‘Normal’

It’s been a while guys! As life started to ramp back up again I just didn’t have the time to write a blog post and to be honest I kind of lost my way with it all.

I’ve been wondering about my blog for a little while and thinking about where I would like to go with it in the future. I’m still not 100% sure yet, but at the moment I’m leaning more towards turning it into a lifestyle blog. So a bit of beauty, life updates, book content, and anything else I think of writing about!

Today I wanted to share some thoughts about the current situation and how I’m adjusting to the new ‘normal’. As some of you might know I was made redundant from my old job last year, due to Covid. I was super lucky to be able to get a new one in April though, so that was a nice weight lifted. I’ve been working from home since I started up until last week and it’s been great. I’m really glad that I got to experience that easy transitional period as it was a nice way to get back into full time work after being off for a year!

However since last week I’ve now been back in the office full time, which has been a shocker! I knew it was coming and I knew we had to try and get back to some kind of normal some time but it’s weird when that day finally comes. Office life has changed and it’s strange to wear a mask around the workplace and to have to keep up with anti-baccing hands all the time and wiping everything down. Although it just goes to show how dirty we all were before haha! I never used to clean my keyboard down, now I do it nearly every day. It’s hard to grasp that everything is different at first, but I feel like it is slowly becoming the new normal. Even when I’m out and about, not at work, I’m getting used to taking anti bac with me and using it all the time. I can’t imagine a time when we didn’t use it now and I can’t imagine everyone going back to the way things were before any time soon.

It’s hopeful that we are getting more and more good news though. The world seems to be slowly getting better at coping with the virus and we’re opening back up again. I can’t wait to be able to travel abroad again soon, without having to worry about booking in certain tests, etc. I’ve had both of my vaccines so feel quite safe to travel but the tests you have to do before leaving and on arrival anywhere just confuse me and it seems like a lot to take into account if I’m honest. I know these are slowly being relaxed though, so hopefully next year we will be able to book something! This year we are just sticking to holidaying in the UK, which has been absolutely lovely actually. It has been nice that we’ve been forced into UK holidays and exploring more places here though, as we don’t do it enough usually.

I am starting to feel a little more settled now and slowly getting used to everything. My anxiety over going out is getting much better and I’ve even stopped wearing a mask in every shop now! I only wear it in super busy places now as I’m feeling much more confident and comfortable with the situation.

Hopefully we are all starting to settle in to the new ‘normal’ now and it’s looking a bit less daunting! How are you coping right now?

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