I’m Kayleigh. Thanks for visiting my little space on the internet.

Hazelnut Musings is predominantly a green beauty blog, but I also throw in the occasional lifestyle post too. As of July 2018 this blog is a green beauty blog and will only feature products that are natural and/or organic. There are so many lovely green beauty brands/products and I’d like to use this space to introduce you to some of them and share my journey about switching to green beauty. From September 2016 until July 2018 all the products that were featured on my blog were cruelty free. I have left those reviews up as I believe they will still be of help to people.

I live with my fiancé and we own our own little home. We are currently planning our wedding which is taking up most of our spare time. I work in an office by day and the rest of my time is spent blogging, going to the gym, reading, watching Netflix and getting tattooed! It’s really much more exciting than it sounds 🙂

Feel free to contact me for any questions, or just for a gossip.

Email: kayleighelizabeth1990@gmail.com
Twitter: @hazelnutmusings

Kayleigh x